Welcome to Cape Timber Shelving. A family-owned business that started small but grew into our 6500 square meter factory in Bellville South, Cape Town. 

But why buy our timber shelving?

  • Green: You are buying sustainably resourced pine products. If you want to go green, go with us. And with our solar installations we and our energy partner (the sun) are moving toward a zero carbon footprint future.
  • Sturdy: You are buying a trusted brand. Our loose standing racking is tested to take a lot more weight than you can put on. (More about our tests to come).
  • Customizable: Our standard component range can be arranged to suit your space and requirements. From storeroom to warehouse, wine cellar to garage, home to shop front, we are here to assist you with racking up your space. Not sure how? No problem. Give us a call or request a quote on our page to let us help you organize your space.
  • Straight from the factory: We buy our rough material directly from the sawmill, we machine it down, we cut it, mould it, pack it and courier it straight to you. That means there is no middleman. You are buying it straight from the manufacturer. And it shows in the price.
  • Easy to assemble. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Each kit comes with instruction manual, sketch and tool to help you be the ultimate shelving installer. And should anything not make sense, we will always be a phone call away. Or if you are in Cape Town and surrounds, let one of our skilled installers come install on site.   

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