Being able to paint your unit leaves you with the creative freedom to choose a colour option that fits your space best. Whether that is for a shop, living room, storeroom, or garage.


The best part is that pine does not require a special paint. That means a latex-based , oil-based, chalk-based, varnish or stain, could all work.

Painted shelving CTS

And what’s more, is that it is quite easy to do.

  • Wipe the surface clean
  • Apply coats as required

Want an even smoother finish?

Our material is smooth to the touch. But if you want it even smoother, you can use water paper and the below steps:

  • Sand surfaces with fine grit water paper
  • Remove excess dirt and sawdust
  • Apply a shellac primer and wait to dry.
  • Apply oil-based paint. Apply 2 coats for the smoothest finish.


Tip: Wait 24 hours between each coat.

Painted Shelving CTS 2


Is varnishing or painting our shelves a necessity?  

No. Painting your shelves is a preference, not a requirement.

We use kiln-dried pine timber, which means it has been fully dried before we even touch it. If your unit is not exposed to continuous direct moisture, varnish, paint, or any sealant is not necessitated.


Have any other painting related questions? Give us a call, or send us a email.

1 thoughts on “Painting your shelves

  1. Tony O says:

    I purchased some shelves from Cape Timer Shelving and painted them using Harlequins 6 pack of coastal colours chalk paint (one colour for each shelf) and they look great. completely transformed them. very please with my purchase and end result.

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