So, how much weight can our shelves take?

We get asked this a lot. So, we decided to ask some experts to get an accurate answer.

Breaking some shelves:

Stellenbosch University’s Department of Forestry and Wood science is setup to test the structural integrity of timber. We scheduled a session with 30 shelves for weight testing.

The result:

Table 1: Load capacity results for 10 assembled pine shelving units.

The results exceeded our own expectations!

A single shelf, assembled with uprights withstood a maximum break weight 409 kg’s with the least break weight of 207 kg’s.

That means that if you have a unit with five shelves in a bay, it would be able to withstand at least 870kgs per bay. Which is far more than most of our customers would ever require.

Tongue-and-groove design

What makes our shelving unique is the tongue-and-groove design. Our slats are not only screwed next to each other, but literally fit into each other. This feature allows our product to outperform timber and steel shelving competitors.

So, why Cape Timber Shelving?

  • You are buying straight from the factory.
  • You are getting a green product, sustainably sourced and manufactured
  • And we now have proof you are getting the strongest timber shelving on the market

Watch this!

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